the most revolutionary thing I’ve done as a kid was stop nodding my head in agreement when a white person says how great The Beatles are. Like, I’m sleep homie.


pretentious and detached is so 2013, let’s do genuine and humble for 2014

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about to make a pizza and suck the lives out of all the children in salem.

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i’m not butch

i’m not femme

i am everything hoe

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I did my friend Dana’s hair yesterday. Our inspiration was Sailor Jupiter and Medusa. Nailed it.

Everyone should go follow ghostpussy because ITS HER BIRTHDAY and she’s a beautiful majestic queen.

I made the decision to only get tattooed by female artists. I’m also really happy to say that every tattoo I have on my body was done by a female friend. Its really important to me that I support and buy their art, even if its a dumb coffin on my arm.

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coachella aka the annual bindi wearing white girls conference

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