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My first show, a collaboration with The Lonely Londoners, was an absolute dream. I have never worked so hard as I have on anything in my life and every ounce of effort I put into it was returned to me with the sweet scent of spirit, love, community, and kinship. So much fam came through and I met a dozen kids that day who got me through my work —- and I in turn kinda knew where they were coming from. My artwork being the medium for that is surreal. A year ago I didn’t know what context I was creating ago and two nights ago I lived a dream.

A lot of these pieces were really cathartic for me to create and came from some of the saddest places I’ve let myself go and to hear someone relate or completely get what I meant, what I felt, revealed to me a power in art I didn’t know was there. That means more to me than I knew. We all out here hurting. 

I’m such a lazy person in reality but the productivity I was on for this show tasted so good, I wanna keep this pace and keep these habits and just wanna do everything bigger  and better. I wanna keep feeling keep loving keep creating keep breathing keep it going!!! I’m mad corny!!!

Photography courtesy of cisnegros ismiamora moderndayblackgay

Will be uploading the pieces from the show throughout this week. A lot of love for you guys and the pure love you’ve showered me with. 

xo mojuicy 

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When I make posts about loving my skin color and loving brown skin it’s because I want to empower myself and other people of color. It’s not about white people. It has nothing to do with you.

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On being fat and femme and ugly and unloveable ›


Falling in love is dangerous for brown boys, because under white supremacy we are not people to love. Falling in love is dangerous for brown boys because people don’t fall in love with brown boys. Falling in love is dangerous for brown boys until we can learn to love…


Si Una Vez, Girl in a Coma

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Joshua Williams by Rosella Vanon | Pause Magazine #6

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